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Recent work
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Performance of the book "Entrecortinas: abre, jala, corre"
OMR Gallery, Mexico City

Espectacular Telón Ecatepec, Fragmento 6i y 6ii
"Entrecortinas: Abre, Jala, Corre"
OMR Gallery, Mexico City

Espectacular Telón
Sultana Gallery, Paris, France
19/10 - 23/11/2013

Rise into Ruin (billboard), 2013.
Biennial of the Americas, Denver, Colorado.

No A Trio A, 2013.
Performance at La Casa Encendida, Madrid, Spain.

No A Trio A video produced for the performance, 2013.

Cuadrado Negro, 2013.
Installation at the Basque museum-center of contemporary art, Vitoria, Spain.
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